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Covid 19 has brought about many changes to our life, Business habits and systems!

For Example

restaurant menu ContactLess QR


Perfect match for Restaurants, Cafes and any venue that serves meals

Bar menu ContactLess QR

Bars & Nightclubs

Perfect for bars and nightclubs.

Spa menu ContactLess QR

Health & Spas

Has many uses in health shops and venues like a Beauty spa

Salon menu ContactLess QR

Hair & Nail Salons

Great for salons

table top menu qr

QR menu

These codes can be placed anywhere you choose – Business cards, billboards, table top tents etc.

black android smartphone displaying qr code

Customer uses their own handheld

It now makes it more convenient for your customers as they just use their own Smart Phone to view your menu and place an order directly if they choose. No App to download, just scan, and read.

Just Three Simple Steps ...


.. choose your Subsciption



.. design your Menu

glass of dessert on table


.. download your QR code or Table Tent

table top menu qr

From powerpreneurs to teams, we got you covered.

Your Menu can easily be maintained by a staff member or you as the owner. But if you don’t have the time, we can always do it for you. just reach out to one of our sales team to discuss your requirements.

Use technology. Get Excited.

Its never been easier – Call us now so we can get a menu Man Consultant to get you up and running