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Want a new way to deal with your menu!

An intelligent restaurant menu is not only eye-catchy but also give you an edge over your competitors.

Let us help you place a ContactLess QR code menu on your Table Top or wall and do away with having to clean or print menus for your patrons to use.

South African Companies Only pay R 199-00/month

Due to the fluctuation of the Rand to Dollar!

Unlike our International clients and that the South African Government is not helping the Restaurant Industry by not enlisting the help of the Restaurant Association whom most RSA Companies are members of, we decided that our contribution here at Menu Man Pty Ltd is to fix our price. As a South African company we will let you do an EFT and not force you to use the PayPal gateway and pay $15-00/month.

Please reach out to us and lets see how we can help.

R 0.00
Trial Use
2 Menu Categories. 5 menu Items / category. 10 scans / Month - BUT why bother. Its so cheap.
R 199.00
Gold - Monthly
Unlimited Categories. Unlimited menu Items / category. Unlimited scans / Month
R 1990.00
Platinum - Yearly
Unlimited Categories. Unlimited menu Items / category. Unlimited scans / Month

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That’s not all! Here is a list of benefits that intelligent digital menus bring to your restaurant business and its sales.


1. Cost Effective

Unlike a traditional menu, digital menus eliminate the need to design, print, and reprint menus whenever new items are added to the menu.

A digital restaurant menu can be easily edited and the changes can be made in real-time. It eliminates the need for printing new menu every time you decide to make the slightest change in the menu which helps you in saving money.

It gives you the opportunity of being dynamic with your menu and changing it to match your customers wants, which is an added advantage.

2. They Help In Upselling

Digital menus help you upsell your most profitable menu item without being pushy. Adding a high-quality picture of the deal can lure the customers into buying that food item.

Digital menu offers an interactive experience to the customers. You can customize and display the high-margin items or beneficial promotional deals.

For example, customers will find a savoury picture of fries along with the combo tagline more enticing. Instead of the server asking them to add fries along with the burger during the order-taking process, you can display a savoury picture of fries along with the burger while customers are placing orders.

Customers prefer making their own choices when placing an order instead of having someone tell them what to buy. Installing an intelligent menu display will help you upsell and boost the individual check value.

3. Reduce Manual Fallacies

Having a display menu or a tablet menu gives the customers liberty of placing their own orders. Since the customers place their own orders, the chances of manual errors while taking orders is negligible.

You can offer the customers a hand-held tablet and let them place an order which directly reaches the kitchen. This will avoid any miscommunication and also makes the order taking process faster which allows your servers to attend more tables. The possibilities of sending the customers a mistaken order would be nearly minimal.

Also, having a digital display menu at your restaurant lets you schedule less staff even during peak hours. This saves you the extra money and also makes it easier for your customers to place an order without having to wait for a server.

4. Enhance Customer Experience

A Digital restaurant menu enhances the customer experience by giving them a visual treat also it lets them place an order faster even during peak hours.

The comfort and the convenience that digital menus provide helps elevate the overall dining experience of the customers.

Digital menus promote efficiency by speeding up the order-taking process. You can also play interactive videos on the display menu and enhance the customer experience even more. This is also a great way of keeping the customers waiting for a seat entertained.

The digital restaurant menu can also be used to suggest food items to customers according to what they are looking for or point them to the popular dishes for the week. This will help you provide a personalized experience to your customers and they certainly would love it. If your service is able to sweep the customers off their feet they will keep coming back, and digital/tablet menus ensure that!


5. Ensures Contactless Ordering 

Our QR based ordering keeps contact between patrons and the servers at a minimum, thereby maintaining necessary social distancing.

A digital menu allows your customers to view the menu and place the orders without touching the menu card. Customers can simply scan the QR code and the menu opens up in their mobile phone without the need of downloading an app. This ensures a smooth ContactLess experience and also accommodates the rules of social distancing in the restaurant.

6. Updating the menu from time to time will only show the available food items and avoid any confusions. This will help limit your menu and allow the patrons to make right decisions which would leave them satisfied and keep them coming back.


Powerful Admin Panel

Easy to use Admin Panel …. but we can always do this for you if you think you cant manage or don’t have the time.

Custom Clean Code

Very User friendly, simple code to place in and around your business.

Looking for an App instead? We can help too.

Web Design & Hosting

Yip, we can do this for you if you are having problems or have not updated your site. just reach out and we will resolve this for you.

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Yes, we can offer this service to you as mentioned above.

Just give one of our staff members a call and we can sort you out.

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We then take care of the technical side for you.

Creating the site is fairly quick. getting the information that should go into it is what takes your time. But usually within 5 days you are up and running. It also depends on what you actually require. A very basic site can even take from as little as 4 hours.