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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s how we increased engagement, decreased response time, and generated more high quality usage for your clients.

Lost and not sure what to do, and have some questions!

Yes – certainly.

You can log into the service, create Categories, add your item title. Upload an image of the item. Insert the description text and add the Price. You can even do this all offline and place it into a CSV file and upload that. Most of the time though, you as the business owner may not want to go through the hassle so for a small fee we will do it for you. All you have to send us is the info you would like on as a PDF copy of you menu.

Yip, you bet!

even if for some reason an item is not available at that sitting or time, just click the Not available button. When you have it in stock again just turn it on. Easy peasy …..

Of course!
We have made it easy for your web designer to install some code on your site and what the patron sees on his phone or tablet will be the same as he would see on your website. We can do this for you if you want. just send us a Support ticket and we will action it for you.


The QR code is unique to you so can be used anywhere you choose to print it. Just download the image file and insert that.

No …..

that’s the beauty of our system of using a QR. The menu changes as often as you choose but the QR code never does (unless you wanted to change it!)

That way you save on printed  material costs for your company.


Each outlet requires its own subscription on the system for easier management. If you have multiple outlets, please contact our support team for package deals.

If each outlet has the same menu then you only require 1 subscription, but you would not be able to modify or take menu items off the list if you are out of stock in that branch for example.

We offer monthly and yearly subscription options for all products. You can switch between options and view all offers on the pricing page. Going with a yearly plan will save you 2 months over the monthly.

Yearly subscriptions are paid in advance and activated for 12 months

Yes, all subscriptions are renewed automatically unless it’s canceled prior to the charge.

Yes you can.  

There is no obligation if the service does not benefit your company. We are open and honest in our dealings with full disclosure. If it ain’t working for you! it ain’t working for us.

What We Offer

Primarily for Restaurateurs, but also very popular with Any company that works with an ordering system (Menu)


A System that works

Post Covid, this new way of delivering information to your end user will still be the norm. Get in now before your oposition.


A System you Run

You can get one of your staff members to maintain your system, do it your self or contract us to do it with our very capable technical staff.


COVID 19 Compliant

Your Patrons and your staffs health is of the utmost importance to you. Keep them all safe by complying with Legislation.