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Interactive 360 Virtual Tour

How to Partner with us!

360° Tour Setup

Once Off

R 2500 per Tour
  • We will set up your first 360 degree tour on our Cloud Server
  • *
  • *
  • *

Monthly Plan


R 250 per month
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Hotspots
  • Unlimited Views
  • 1000 minutes free Video Chat

Yearly Plan


R 2500 per year
  • get 2 Months FREE
  • By paying for the whole year
  • upfront


OK, so you have seen the opportunity and benefit for you company and you need to get going! The first thing to do is place the order for the Once off Tour Set-up.
We will then get in contact with you to discuss the 360° image that is required and how best to make it available to us. We talk about the requirements and the items that you would require to be activated in the tour. We upload the approved info onto our Cloud platform and give you the link.
This link can be used on your website, any social platform, brochures and emails etc. that aligns with your marketing strategies. We are always available to discuss the process with you by phone at any stage or in person if required “dependant on your country or city.”
Reach out – we are here to assist you in dealing with you to drive more sales under these troubled times of the Covid epidemic.


The next thing to do is decide on whether you want to pay monthly for the service (Gold) or better still, get a two months discount when you pay upfront for 1 year. If you decide you want the discount then choose the “Platinum “version and we will bill you accordingly. If you choose the Gold package until you get really comfortable with our service the we just bill you each month in advance until you no longer require the service. No contracts, no obligations, but we know you will stay because its a great benefit to your company and we want to partner with you.
Giving you an Easy, Effective Yet Ethical Way To Take Your Prospects On a Hands-Free Business Tour that Converts Them Into Paying Clients, Even If They Don’t Feel Safe To Go Out In Person…

Come, lets work together!