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Powerful Admin Panel

powerful yes! But Simple to navigate and use.

Custom Clean Code

We have ensured that the code we use in our software is always up-to date with the latest version and always working.

Setting up your QR Menu

Follow through our Step by Step guide below, but remember, if you get stuck just give us a call.


Getting started

A quick Tour around the User Platform.


Setting Up your Company Details.

Here we will look at the options of setting up your company and its logo etc.


Starting you Menu

Here we discuss the Menu and all of its options, why what and how. This is also where we discuss the use of categories and how best to lay them out.


QR Codes

What are they and why they are such a great asset to have within your Company. Tips on were to use them and then we will go through the design process we have on the Panel.


Using Table Tents and other forms of literature.

Lets discuss how the can be used. How to modify them etc.


Modifying your Menu

When to do it and how best to do it.


Using your Anylitics

We have some basic data that you can look at to see how many times the Menu is being used.


Adding the Menu to Website

Here we will discuss how to get the info to add your ContactLess Menu into your website.


Support Desk

Here we look at How to use the Support Desk Ticket System.

Do You Have Any Questions? Read Our FAQs Section and Feel Free to Ask